About Us

Based in Pune, India, we at Technofriends Electronics Solutions provide to the industrial manufacturers, education sector, R&D labs and individual customers with impulse to meet their requirements. We value teamwork, an unwavering focus on customer needs, and a drive to become better every day. Technofriends Electronics Solutions is primarily a Research and Development based company in field of Robotics, Embedded System, VLSI, Software Devlopment and PCB Designing since 2013. Having done lot of work in above fields .

The multi domains in which Technofriends operates include the following :

Technical training

Technofriends Electronics Solutions is one of the fastest growing companies in the technology trainings. We conduct trainings in embedded , image processing, vlsi and pcb designing-making. We offer
  • Workshops for the college and school students

  • Diploma/certification courses

  • Corporate training.

  • At Technofriends electronics solutions, technical workshop and seminars are conducted to motivate students to think beyond books and encourage them to apply the academic learning to product design and development. During workshops, Our interaction with students continues even after the workshop, where we offer online and offline technical support to convert their ideas into reality. In the last two years, we have trained thousands of students from hundreds of schools and colleges. We have conducted trainings in various colleges located all over India.

    Research & development :

    The goal of Technofriends electronics solutions is to develop efficient and cost effective electronics solutions for industrial application, hobby applications, educational purposes and use in various other research and development efforts .We have a dedicated research and development cell which undertakes design and development of electronic products and brings their finding to the benefit of our customers